OVC Care and Support

JeCCDO as child centred organization works to ensure all its interventions are child sensitive and responsive. Besides, it extends specific services tailored to meet the needs of orphan and vulnerable children, their guardians and Orphan and Vulnerable Youth (OVY).

OVC care and support has been the core intervention of JeCCDO for the last 30 years, though the approach varies from time to time. Currently, such support is given to beneficiaries mainly through Community Based organizations (CBOs).

The following are the major sub-programs that JeCCDO is working on under this component:

OVC Care and Support
Under this sub-component, orphan and vulnerable children are given psychosocial support include monthly financial support, medical checkups, educational materials, cloths, shoes and uniforms, etc. The aim is to ensure proper physical, mental/intellectual growth and development of target OVC.

OVC Guardian Economic Empowerment
This targets guardians of OVC Orphan children through providing basic business skills and financial means to start IGAs. The aim is to make the guardians economically self reliant to take care of their children.

OVY Economic Empowerment
Under this sub-component, Orphan and Vulnerable Youth (OVY) are given skill training and higher education support, and are reintegrated in to the community as need be. The program is intended to make them economically and socially independent.