governance and staff

The governance structure of JeCCDO has three tiers: General Assembly, Board of Directors, and Executive body. Clear roles and responsibilities are vested to each organ, i.e.

    • i. The General Assembly is the highest decision making body within the governance system of the organization,
    • ii. The Board of Directors provides policy guidance to executive body and appoints the Executive Director;
    • iii. The Executive Director leads the program and administration team who are responsible for day to day operation of the organization.

The head office consists of the Program Manager, 4 Program Units and 2 Services:

The four program units are answerable to the Program Manager. They are:

    • i. Access to Basic Services Unit (ABSU);
    • ii. Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihood Unit (CCADRRLU);
    • iii. Capacity Development and Grant Management Unit (CDGMU);
    • iv. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Unit (MELU);

The two services are accountable to the Excutive Director and are:

    • i. Finance and Property Management Service (FPMS); and
    • ii. Human Resource Development Service (HRDS).

The organizational structure of Community Development Program Offices (CDPOs) mirrors the head office arrangement.

In total, JeCCDO has 136 staff members (45 females). Of these, 33 are working at Central Office and 103 are working in the 5 Community Development Program Offices (CDPOs). Out of the total employees, 7 have Masters Degree; 38 Bachelor Degree; and the rest with diploma, secondary school education and below. Moreover, 186 volunteers drawn from the target communities are working with JeCCDO to support the development efforts going on in their communities.


Partial view of JeCCDO long serving staff award ceremony.