Education is the basic and powerful tool to ensure development of a nation. Cognizant of this, JeCCDO sets education as one of its key intervention areas and central element of its community development processes since its inception.

JeCCDO’s education program is designed to empower citizens to enable them to realize their potential. Specifically, it is aimed at enhancing children’s and other community members’ access to education, quality of education, equity of education and relevance of education, among others. The following are the major sub-programs that JeCCDO is working on under the education sector:

Tutorial Program
This program targets in-school children particularly OVC and girls who are low achievers, and is intended to improve their academic performance.

Support for Girls’ Education
This scheme is specifically set to support disadvantaged girls with the aim of improving their educational access and success, and also their confidence and participation in extra-curricular matters. 

Alternative Basic education (ABE)
This program is suited to serve disadvantaged out of school children, and is aimed at creating access to basic education for them.

Functional Adult Literacy Program (FAL)
This is tailored for illiterate adults and is intended to equip them with functional literacy and numeracy skill helpful in their daily life.

Inclusive Education Program
This is intended for children with disability. The aim is to enable them access education, remain and succeed in their education.

School Capacity Building Program
This is aimed at improving the quality of learning teaching process in target schools through trainings, material support and construction of facilities.

School Club Support Program
This is aimed at enhancing the capacity, participation and performance of school clubs in co-curricular works like Anti HIV/AIDS, RH, road safety, etc.

Early Childhood Education Program
This is indeed to enable pre-school age children of disadvantaged families access early childhood education in the target schools 

Library and ICT Services 

The purpose of this sub-component is to create access to library and information services for youth and children.