development approach

In general, JeCCDO employs child centred, family focused and community based development approaches in all its programs and projects. Having had this central element, it also follows the strategy of community empowerment by promoting program implementation through CBOs and social accountability as distinct approaches. On top of these, JeCCDO has recently injected social enterprise approach whereby it concurrently engages in social businesses and in turn support its development initiatives.

Specifically, JeCCDO sticks to the application of the following strategies and approaches in all its projects:

Using Integrated and Linked Approach:
This refers to integration of the efforts of the target groups and various stakeholders to complement each other and avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts. 

Application of Result Based Project Management Techniques:
Result will remain the point of reference during planning, appraising, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Community and Stakeholders Participation:
JeCCDO works to ensure active participation of beneficiaries as well as other concerned governmental and non-governmental stakeholders starting from its initiation up to its final stage. 

Using Flexibility and Learning Approach:
JeCCDO adapts itself to different internal and external dynamic environments. 

Promoting Effective Collaboration, Networking and Partnership among   Various Stakeholders:
JeCCDO works to create and maintain strong working relationship with various stakeholders such as government partners, community Based Organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector, religious institutions, donor agencies and target groups.

Facilitation and Capacity Building :
JeCCDO focuses on facilitating and building the capacity of the community through the provision of necessary technical and material inputs that would help to effectively and efficiently implement the project.

Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS and Gender Issues:
JeCCDO will give great emphasis to mainstream HIV/AIDS and gender in every implementation stage of the project.