commitment and accountability

JeCCDO strongly believes in Commitment and accountability in its work. For this reason, it has adhered to both elements throughout its three decades of extraordinary service to the disadvantaged people of the urban community.

Commitment to our goals and values has been the very reason that we remain thriving on our services to the needy people, and at the same time it has been the force that has kept us grow bigger and stronger in our three decades of journey.

As enshrined in our core values, we will be accountable not only to donor agencies and government. Our accountability in this regard can be evidenced through the result Based Management approach we injected to our system. This has enabled JeCCDO to be more responsive to the target communities and efficiently utilize the fund generously released by our donors. At the same time, JeCCDO works through action Committees drawn from representatives of the local government in all its CDPOs. Such committees have helped us to exercise our accountability to the government.

In addition, we also assume full downward accountability to the communities we serve under all our development interventions. In virtue of this, we remain transparent in all our undertakings and works in a way the maximum participation of the target community is ensured starting from need identification to evaluation of our interventions.

Being proud of its 30 years of thriving service and motivated to triumph better, JeCCDO will remain committed and accountable enough to the communities we serve, donors, government and other partners.