About US

Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization (JeCCDO) was established as Jerusalem Association Children’s Home (JACH) in 1985 as an indigenous, non-governmental, humanitarian organization, in response to the needs of children who were left orphaned, displaced or lacked proper care and support as a result of the 1984 famine. This makes JeCCDO one of the oldest indigenous organizations in the country.

Renewing its commitment, JeCCDO has been re-registered as an Ethiopian Residents’ Charity Organization under the new Charities and Societies proclamation number 621/2009.

JeCCDO envisages an Ethiopian society where all citizens promote the wellbeing of children.


JeCCDO facilitates community development process where the wellbeing of children is effectively promoted in all its target areas.

Core Values and Principles   

    • We encourage and assist communities, families and children to actively participate in the sphere of holistic child development endeavours in the society.
      We will be accountable to partners (communities, government and donor agencies) for our development activities.   
      We, in JeCCDO, are at all times transparent in our endeavours and open our doors to work together against marginalization of children and poverty.
      We respect families’ and communities’ values that promote the wellbeing and development of children.   
      We  work  towards  ensuring  continuity  of  development  programs  through  enhanced  community involvement and sense of ownership.  
      We will be open to communicate and jointly work with other key stakeholders committed to promote the well-being of children

JeCCDO strongly believes in the principle of “start small and grow gradually” and this has been the secret for its ever widening and deepening intervention both in terms of geographic and programmatic coverage.

Currently, JeCCDO operates in four regional states (Oromia, Amhara, SNNPR and Somali) and in two City Administrations (Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa). To reach these areas, JeCCDO stretches from its five Community Development Program Offices (CDPOs) located in Bahir Dar, Bishoftu, Debre Birhan, Dire Dawa and Hawassa towns. In addition to this, JeCCDO partners with 137 CBOs found in the above regional states and city administrations.

The central theme of JeCCDO’s programmatic framework is promoting integrated community based development programs focusing on children and other vulnerable segments of the community. To this end,  JeCCDO works on education; health; water, sanitation and hygiene; OVC care and support,  urban agriculture; climate change adaptation; disaster risk reduction; livelihood promotion; capacity development of CBOs and Social accountability programs. Through the above CDPOs and partner CBOs, JeCCDO reaches about 850,000 beneficiaries directly or indirectly annually.

JeCCDO has currently a total of 136 permanent staff (45 females) and 186 volunteers. The annual budget of the organization exceeds 80 million ETB as of 2014. Apart from its outreach offices, JeCCDO owns and administers a well furnished training facility at Bishoftu Town namely “JeCCDO Opportunity for Change Training Centre”.

JeCCDO is an active member of the following international and national networks:

International Membership     

  1. Better Care Network 
  2. Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS 
  3. Firelight Foundation (Advisory Board member)
  4. International AIDS Society   

National Membership 

  1. Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association /CCRDA- (as board member)
  2. Consortium of the Self Help Group Approach Promoters (Chairing the Consortium)
  3. Environmental Forum
  4. National Advisory Forum on Child Labor
  5. National OVC Network  (served as secretariat)
  6. Regional OVC Network (chairing and facilitating)
  7. Urban Development Forum
  8. Urban Agriculture Promoting Organizations Forum 
  9. WASH Forum
  10. Youth and Children Forum