Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH)

During the previous year interventions , 80,000 people from 8 kebeles at
Hamusit water project of the Amhara National Regional States accessed
potable water service. This intervention contributed in reduction of water
borne diseases, saved travel time and distance to fetch water, thereby
helping communities to save time for other engagements which increased
their productivity. 

 463 people (390 F) were trained on environmental sanitation and personal
hygiene along with awareness on prevention of communicable diseases.
 Training on environmental sanitation and personal hygiene was conducted
for 463 community members (390 F). The training enhanced awareness of
participants on issues of communicable diseases and methods of keeping
sanitation. Fifty eight community participants (40F) also participated on
solid waste disposal training. Following the training, hand tools such as
handcraft, rake, sweeping brush, and hand gloves were provided.

As a result, the training participants were highly motivated to engage in
environmental and sanitation interventions.