Social Enterprise

JeCCDO’s visibility in Social Enterprise Sector increased: International Social
Enterprise magazine named Pioneer Post showcased JeCCDO as one of the
models Social Enterprise in Ethiopia. Interested investor including Social
Enterprise World Forum Board of Directors visited JeCCDO.
In 2019, Ethiopia hosted Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) a rare
opportunity the country could get once in 20-years. On the event, there were
1200 participants from 40 countries. JeCCDO hosted the urban tour for more
than 50 participants which consisted of investors and social entrepreneurs
around the world who paid JeCCDO a visit. In addition, the organization was
invited as a panellist in the SEWF to share its experience and explore partnership
opportunities with the participant that came around the world. Consequently,
JeCCDO and JOCTC staff received training on financial management, cash
flow budget preparation techniques, budget forecasting, and income projection,
customer handling, (business ethics, organizational culture and professionalism),
marketing, performance management, goal setting etc. Currently, the business
plan has been revised and JeCCDO is pursuing impact investors.