Project Implimentation Thrugh Cbos

Since 2003, JeCCDO has thrived its orientation by introducing a new area of concern into its operation i.e., partnership with CBOs. In 2010, JeCCDO instituted a specific work unit that oversees this function. JeCCDO adheres to the following procedures and selection criteria to identify competent CBOs that can effectively implement projects.

Selection Procedure
JeCCDO’s working manual on the issue incorporates appropriate tools, techniques and practices to effectively carry out the implementation and monitoring responsibilities of projects to be run by partner CBOs.  Based on the manual, such JeCCDO-CBOs partnership passes through a number of stages before signing agreements with the finalists. The process can be summarized as follows

    • Announcing the submission of proposals from potential CBOs;    
    • 1 Orientation to potential CBOs on the partnership and standards of proposals to be submitted
    • 1 Receiving project proposals with the necessary plan of action from competing CBOs;
    • 1 Review and appraise the project proposals;
    • 1 Short list the potential candidates (based on the criteria) and make a rapid assessment on their organizational capabilities;
    • 1 Announce names of selected organizations on their outcome of the competition;
    • 1 Sign agreements with selected CBOs;
    • 1 Organize series of orientation and consultative  meetings with successful   CBOs;
    • 1 JeCCDO implements its program through CBOs selected on criteria developed in accordance with its working manual and JeCCDO-CBOs Partnership Guideline.
    • 1 During the Program period, JeCCDO will make Call for proposal to recruit partner CBOs to address priority needs of children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in high OVC prevalence areas.


Selection Criteria

JeCCDO uses the following criteria to identify potential candidates

    • 1 Possess legal registration from the government agency
    • 1 Have a clearly defined and achievable development objectives
    • 1 Possess clearly defined constituency and acceptance by the community
    • 1 Have an office and employees or volunteers as appropriate
    • 1 Have a clearly defined leadership structure
    • 1 Possess an administrative and financial system (procedure of recording and reporting of financial status)
    • 1 Have own bank account
    • 1 Should have a good track record in managing funds
    • 1 Should have experience in programs related to child issues and OVC, and
    • 1 Able to produce feasible project proposals


The following specific criteria are also considered:

    • 1 Implementation capacities and experience  
    • 1 Relevance in intervention programs and target groups
    • 1 Staff profiles
    • 1 Organization of office and related facilities
    • 1 Financial and audit procedures and reports
    • 1 Geographic areas in conformity with JeCCDO’s operational areas, so that follow-up supervision and program support is possible.
    • 1 The Advisory Team conducts the screening process in a transparent manner. The procedures and the outcomes are then documented for future reference.