JeCCDO Hosted Youth solidarity and English Language program

JeCCDO’s newly furnished training facility in Bishoftu Town has successfully hosted US Embassy’s “Youth solidarity and English Language” Program from August 1-31, 2014. This was a kind of program whereby youth drawn from the 9 regions and 2 city administrations of the country live together for one month with the aim of improving their intercultural communication and English language. Apart from hosting the program, JeCCDO introduced the participant with a kind of urban Agriculture called Bio-Intensive Gardening and also enabled them to have practical exposure on its demonstration site in the compound. The closing ceremony of the program was graced with the presence of Mrs. Patricia M. Haslach US Ambassador to Ethiopia; Ato Mulugeta Gebru, Executive Director of JeCCDO and other dignitaries from the Embassy. In her closing remark, Mrs. Patricia M. Haslach hailed JeCCDO for hosting and taking active part in making the program a huge success. JeCCDO’s training facility at the Town is situated around Lake Cheleleka and caters all-inclusive training facilities including state of the art bed and board services.