JeCCDO Hosts Bi-annual Review Meeting

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) is one of major components in JeCCDO’s Access to Basic Services Program.
JeCCDO hosted the bi-annual Water Aid Ethiopia Partners Review Meeting which was held in Bahir Dar city from November 24-27, 2014. The review meeting discussion mainly focused on the bi-annual performance, challenges and ways of overcoming the challenges and lessons learned among the partners in this particular area of intervention. 50 participants from different Local NGOs participated in this meeting.

In addition to the meeting, two teams of participants respectively paid field visit to Ura kebele (one of the project implementation sites) that has been declared open defecation free and to Zeghe town for experience sharing from achievements of JeCCDO through its engagement in WASH with community and schools of these peri-urban Kebeles under the Bahir Dar City Administration.

After the visit, participants expressed their appreciation and witnessed that they learnt a lot from effective network among Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee (WASHCO), Village Hygiene and Sanitation Promoters (VHSP) and Kebele Cabinets in realizing open defecation free kebele. Besides, they were impressed by structure and active engagements of School WASH Clubs and their concrete success in menstrual hygiene management that ultimately saved girls from dropping out of school due to humiliation.