Research Group Linkage Program 

A relationship building and creating common understanding workshop among JeCCDO, Center for Global Equality (CGE) and BahirDar, and Cambridge Universities was held on 24th -27th
The workshop identified major thematic areas for future engagement on Water, Energy, Waste Management, Employment and Livelihood, etc. Moreover, researchers of both Universities’ agreed to work in partnership; develop research proposals and conduct applied researches pertinent to solve the communities’ problems. Of March 2018 in the beautiful City of BahirDar, where one of JeCCDO’s Community Development Program Offices located. The aim of the workshop was to establish an ongoing partnership program among JeCCDO, CGE, and the two Universities (BahirDar, and Cambridge) so as to mitigate the communities’ problem in a sustainable way.
The session was appraised as highly remarkable, fruitful and an innovative approach in the sector; in that sense, JeCCDO has been advancing its community development endeavor and sustainability backed by scientific researchers through bridging the two Universities; Cambridge, and BahirDar University.
In the workshop, participants extended their warmest gratitude to JeCCDO for its integrated community development approach and effort to- Linkage-Knowledge Transfer–Partnership- to Academia and Community Development, which is the 1st
The joint venture programme among JeCCDO, CGE, Cambridge, and BahirDar Universities has come about after three years of JeCCDO and Center for Global Equality’s unreserved effort. In the making, among the visitors, most of them are highly profiled Scientists from Cambridge University made a field visit to JeCCDO’s programme operation areas and research centers of BahirDar University. The visitors recognized the importance of such organization in facilitation and implementation of the research outcome for the benefit of the Community. in its kind.
The smiles we are able to bring to children’s faces are made possible through our PARTICIPATORY, INNOVATIVE & INTEGRATED APPROACH. In the upcoming update, we look forward to sharing more about the opportunities and successes we work to actively build in people’s lives.

Our Pioneer and Innovative Approach Continue… to excel!