Activating Solutions at Hand

JeCCDO has long been confident that Community Based Organizations (CBOs) have massive potential to solve socio-economic problems of communities they work for and with.  Remarkable gains have been made in improving lives of destitute children and adult community members through working in partnership with CBOs. With this in mind, JeCCDO competed for a call for proposal announced by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and won a 45,000,000.00 Birr project after undergoing stiff competition. 

After securing the fund, JeCCDO has signed project agreement with 40 CBOs for implementation of Community Based Orphans and Vulnerable Children Protection, Care and Support through Capacity Development of CBOs.  Mr. Mulugeta Gebru delivered opening remark on the Project Signing Ceremony.  In his remark, he acclaimed achievements made by alliance of JeCCDO with partner CBOs and encouraged the latter to work harder in generating own solutions to address deep-rooted challenges of orphan and vulnerable children.  

Signatory CBOs too extended their appreciation to JeCCDO for its relentless effort to win the fund. They also energetically vowed to effectively utilize the fund and maintain strong working bond with one another to ensure better future for orphan and vulnerable children.