Community Outreach Youth Soccer wound Up

JeCCDO has successfully concluded a special soccer tournament called Community Outreach Youth Soccer (COYS) which it has implemented for the last two years in Dire Dawa City. The program; being financed by the US Embassy to Ethiopia, has been executed in collaboration with the Dire Dawa, Somali and Hararie Regional Sport and Police Commissions and the Dire Dawa Community Action (DD-CA). The main purpose of the program was to build up the socio-cultural interaction between youth of Ethiopia Somali, Harari and Dire Dawa; and their relationship to police and elderly people. 

As has been done for the last 3 rounds, a total of 160 youth of under 17 (80 boys and 80 girls) drawn from the above regions have come together in Dire Dawa town from 4-7 September/ 2014 to contend for the final round of the tournament. Sideline to the event, community elders from the three regions have offered advice and lessons on peace and tolerance to the spectators and players of the tournaments. The Dire Dawa police commission; on its part, provided education on community policing and traffic. The program was also adorned by music show of nations and nationalities. This last round was honored by Mr. David Kennedy and Mr. Learned; special guests from US Embassy; Ato Mulugeta Gebru, Executive Director of JeCCDO and other dignitaries from the City’s Administration. In the event, it was witnessed by all stakeholders that the program has quite fruitfully served its intended purpose and agreed on the need for capitalizing on the established solidarity of the youth. After the guests of honor presented the cup and medal for the winners, the tournament came to an end and was sealed by Ethiopian national anthem. An estimated of 25000 people have attended the tournaments.