JeCCDO Constructed 20 Water points and 15 Hygiene & Sanitation Facilities

In a move towards enhancing community’s access to water and sanitation services, JeCCDO has constructed 20 water points, 14 public toilets and 1 public shower in 2014. The facilities are constructed in Bahir Dar, Bishoftu, Dire Dawa and Hawassa Towns and their surroundings.

The facilities are constructed in public spaces and schools. 4 water points and 1 toilet were constructed in schools, while the rest being in public spaces. The facilities were constructed with the financial support secured from Comic Relief, Terre Des Homes The Netherlands, Ethopiaid, Planet Wheeler, Kinder Not hilfe (KNH) and Water Aid –Ethiopia.

All the constructed facilities have been handed over to the local community structures and the target schools in the presence of representatives of the respective local governments

All the facilities were made disability friendly, and a total of 9,919 people, of which 2200 are students are having access to water and sanitation services and keep their personal and environmental Hygiene

Apart from creating access, the construction of the facilities within the community has created an employment opportunity for 15 disadvantaged people mainly women and elderly. As the public facilities are also to be administered by partner CBOs in the localities, this would ensure community ownership and thereby sustainability of the service.