Gaining the Support’s Worth

JeCCDO firmly believes that capacitating community based organizations (CBOs) to address socio-economic problems of their respective communities really pays off. Goh Lehulum Development Association, operating in Bahir Dar City is one of the live examples to demonstrate this.

Team of visitors from Comic Relief (a charity based in the United Kingdom) paid visit to target beneficiaries of JeCCDO who were addressed through Goh Lehulum with fund secured from Comic Relief. The visitors heard from individuals who benefited from the project that aid from Comic Relief had reached the neediest. Because of this, parents have been able to extend due parental care to their children and ensure better future for the latter, unemployed youth and women assumed active socio-economic engagement in their community; students improved their academic performance because of the tutorial service arranged by Goh Lehulum, neglected community elders received support, etc.

The team took momentum to visit JeCCDO-Bahir Dar Community Development Program Office where ample resource is being utilized for different purposes of development on a land of 173,000m2. 
In short, both Comic Relief and JeCCDO have seen the worth of their support to this community via Goh Lehulum. 

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