Development Goals and strategies

Development goals of JeCCDO

    • Strengthening communities’ institutional and operational capacities
    • Promoting communities’ better access to basic services
    • Motivating communities’ engagement in productive livelihood activities
    • Enhancing communities’ knowledge and adaptive capacity to climate change and disaster risk reduction
    • Strengthening JeCCDO to become a learning and changing organization

Development Approaches of JeCCDO

In general, JeCCDO employs child centred, family focused and community based development approaches in all its programs and projects. Having had this central element, it also follows the strategy of community empowerment by promoting program implementation through CBOs and social accountability as distinct approaches. On top of these, JeCCDO has recently injected social enterprise approach whereby it concurrently engages in social businesses and in turn support its development initiatives.

In line with the above broad approaches, JeCCDO sticks to the following specific development strategies:   

    • 1 Using integrated and holistic approach
    • 1 Application of Result Based Project Management techniques
    • 1 Community and stakeholders participation
    • 1 Using flexibility and learning approach
    • 1 Promoting effective collaboration, networking and partnership among   various stakeholders
    • 1 Facilitation and capacity building
    • 1 Child safeguarding and inclusion
    • 1 Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS, gender, disability issues
    • 1 Promoting social accountability approach
    • 1 Strengthening and working through community structures