Disaster risk reduction

In addition to climate change adaptation, JeCCDO intervenes in the prevention of different disasters in the target areas and mitigation of their impacts on the target communities.

The typical DRR initiative that JeCCDO has been undertaking is that in Dire Dawa. The project is called Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) and was initiated in the aftermath of the flood disaster in the City that killed about 500 people in 2007. The overall  objective of the project is to increase  the  local  community  resilience  through  institutionalizing  flood  disaster  Risk  Reduction  and improving basic social and economic services thereby reduce the impacts of the hazards in the area.

This specific project was hailed by many organizations including UN in that it succeeded not only for effectively mitigating the risk of flood but it has also demonstrated that flood does not necessarily result in hazards, but also opportunities.

JeCCDO’s DRR initiative incorporates the following key activities:

Community organization (Comprehensive  community  risk  assessment,   Community  Risk  Maps  and  Community  DRR action plans, etc)

Community early warning and networking (Establishment  and  strengthening  of  village  level  DRR  committees,  and  an umbrella community institution)

Physical and biological soil and water conservation (construction of various physical risk prevention and conservation structures

Community awareness creation (Community discussion sessions, Production of advocacy and lobby materials, etc)  

Support  asset  building (livelihood support, organizing SHG, etc)