Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change has increasingly become the biggest concern for all development actors both at the global and local level. Though, the whole community is affected by the consequences of climate change, particularly women and children are among the most disadvantaged. For example, among the various special care entitlements of childhood, children ought to grow in a balanced ecosystem and conserved environment. However, this has not been the case especially in urban environment. Cognizant of this, JeCCDO has become one of the active participants that are trying to work on climate change, its consequences and adaptation measures.  

JeCCDO undertakes the following key activities under this sub-program

Environmental Education
JeCCDO is intensively working to create public awareness on climate change and climate change adaptation. The environmental education is given to staff, stakeholders, and the whole community. Meanwhile, JeCCDO works to mainstream environmental issues in all its development interventions.

Conservation of Lake Hawassa
Researches reveal that the environment of lake Hawassa and its surrounding natural resources are increasingly becoming endangered due to unfavourable human actions and effects of urbanization. As Hawassa is one our target areas, JeCCDO is working to halt the problem through awareness building, tree planting on the catchment areas, training fishermen on the hazard, etc.

Reforestation Program
Aside to the environmental education, JeCCDO also demonstrates physical and biological initiatives like reforestation so as to halt and mitigate the impact of climate change.   Hence, JeCCDO facilitates CBOs  to mobilize  their  respective  communities to the reforestation programs and supply them with seedlings.

Working through Green forum and School Clubs
JeCCDO works through green forums and school environmental clubs which are established by JeCCDO in all its target areas. The aim is to enable all stakeholders and children take part in the effort made to halt the effect of climate change.