CBOs' Capacity Development

Following the introduction of community based child care and support, JeCCDO   has employed working with CBOs as its prime strategy of community development as of 2003. This has enabled JeCCDO to ensure sense of ownership by the target community on its own development process, and thereby sustainability of our programs as well.

The very purpose of JeCCDO’s partners capacity development endeavours is to unleash and enhance the systemic, institutional operational and capacities of partner CBOs in order they address the challenges of their respective communities. In addition, it is intended to empower partner CBOs to achieve high quality service delivery and to ensure sustainability of program interventions. Strengthening the existing social systems and structures is also another benefit of working through such modality.

The specific areas of capacity development of CBO’s are on:  

Building CBO’s Capacity on Project Cycle Management: Includes trainings on PCM and the like

Building CBO’s Capacity on Resource Mobilization: Includes training on RM, establish IGA for the CBO’s

Building CBO’s Capacity on Strategic Planning: Includes trainings on SPM, leadership, dispute management, etc

Development of Systems and procedures for CBO’s: Includes development of financial and property management guidelines

Networking forums between CBO’s and local government: Includes training on networking, experience sharing, etc.